Club Paradise 

This place is truly a Paradise!  Club Paradise is in Coron, Palawan.  You take a flight to Busuanga then it’s an hour drive to the dock and a 40mins boat ride to this private resort that has is peaceful and great for those who want privacy. 

  White sand throughout the island. You can snorkel and see various sharks, sea turtles and millions of corals & fishes . They forbid fishing and any kind of tampering with the sand or trees to preserve the ecosystem. They have a 1000+ fruit bats , and good number of bayawaks (monitor lizards).    
Activities are plenty on the island scuba lessons for estimated 25k  various tours 

Calauit Safari Tours 

Coron Island tour – cayangan lake , twin lagoon, Maquinit Hot Springs , Siete Pecados Snorkling 

Island Escapade tour – for lovers or friends to spend time in an uninhabited island. 

Island Hopping – 3 to 4 islands 

Isla walang Lang-aw , Isla walang Tao , Dimalanta, Diatoy, 

Bottom fishing – fish for your lunch or dinner 

  Beach necessities Nyne Speaker,  Oakley shades , Belo Sun expert , Starmobile Knight Elite  wild staff printed out a photo and framed it to make   
 Welcome cake from the Staff Fresh Catch of the day . Kilawin , fresh tuna   
  The bar has a cool bartender named Peter who will make sure you forget your name! Here is the gang L-R 

Mel, Matt USA – 

laine & Peter USA 

Executive chef Bruce 

chef Adam

   Proud of my father at 80 yrs old he was  able to climb 600 steps and experience the Cayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Hot springs , & Siete Pecados to snorkel
  Here is my mother who was drenched because of the storm . We all ended up getting new shirts and shorts at the Coron Souvenir Shop. They also have tons of dried fish , various styles of cashews and local delicacies 


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