Davao food Tour And Beach Getaway

Wanted to check out Davao’s famous Resort and do a little food tripping. My parents are in town so wanted to have them see Davao City for the first time. 

Since we booked the first and only food tour in Davao with Mel’s Davao Food Tour. Booking the tour was easy and the best part they also own Bahay Ni Tuding Inn.

Auntie Mel is very well travelled and her passion is food! It’s the perfect tour for those that want to know the delicacies, dishes and who also love to shop for jewellry or local products. She supports anything local! 
  Bahay Ni Tuding – king size bed with an extra bed good for 3. Php 3,000

Starting our 5hour food tour with our personally designed Bayong from Mel.   
   Here is a local who can cut a skin a whole pineapple in pieces in less than 40seconds
The delicacy in Davao is Durian ! It’s a must try for your senses. 



Club Paradise 

This place is truly a Paradise!  Club Paradise is in Coron, Palawan.  You take a flight to Busuanga then it’s an hour drive to the dock and a 40mins boat ride to this private resort that has is peaceful and great for those who want privacy. 

  White sand throughout the island. You can snorkel and see various sharks, sea turtles and millions of corals & fishes . They forbid fishing and any kind of tampering with the sand or trees to preserve the ecosystem. They have a 1000+ fruit bats , and good number of bayawaks (monitor lizards).    
Activities are plenty on the island scuba lessons for estimated 25k  various tours 

Calauit Safari Tours 

Coron Island tour – cayangan lake , twin lagoon, Maquinit Hot Springs , Siete Pecados Snorkling 

Island Escapade tour – for lovers or friends to spend time in an uninhabited island. 

Island Hopping – 3 to 4 islands 

Isla walang Lang-aw , Isla walang Tao , Dimalanta, Diatoy, 

Bottom fishing – fish for your lunch or dinner 

  Beach necessities Nyne Speaker,  Oakley shades , Belo Sun expert , Starmobile Knight Elite  wild staff printed out a photo and framed it to make   
 Welcome cake from the Staff Fresh Catch of the day . Kilawin , fresh tuna   
  The bar has a cool bartender named Peter who will make sure you forget your name! Here is the gang L-R 

Mel, Matt USA – 

laine & Peter USA 

Executive chef Bruce 

chef Adam

   Proud of my father at 80 yrs old he was  able to climb 600 steps and experience the Cayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Hot springs , & Siete Pecados to snorkel
  Here is my mother who was drenched because of the storm . We all ended up getting new shirts and shorts at the Coron Souvenir Shop. They also have tons of dried fish , various styles of cashews and local delicacies 


Palawan Paradise 

One of my all time getaways in the Philippines is Palawan. Dos Palmas Resort, Puerto Princessa is beautiful and has a lot of activities and they also include a 25mins trip to a private island called “Puting buhangin” means white beach and you can stay for 1hr or so. 

Accommodation is very affordable ranging from 4k-8k a night with some rooms accommodating 6-8 pax. So you can split the costs. 

The breakfast buffet was my favorite and plenty of choices for ala carte! They even have all you can crab on Fridays depending on availability! During dinner on Friday and Saturday they have the workers providing entertainment – dances/songs/ where guests can participate. 

Pinoy in Paris 

I’ve always been curious as to why so many couples find Paris so romantic!  

Despite the fact I’m still a bachelor, it didn’t stop me from traveling with a couple of other bachelors Sam YG and Mohit, I realized that Paris despite it’s size is very intimate with so many things to do to stimulate your senses. Whether you go as a couple or if your single for sure you won’t get bored.

 The famous street with all the signature shops! People sipping on their espresso / coffee people watching all afternoon. 

 Nightlife was unlike Asia! So many international beauties and very easy to approach and have a conversation with a total stranger. Be at a club or speakeasy no one was rude! 


Highly recommend to pay for the hop on hop off bus tour if it’s your first time to see Paris! It’ll give you the tour of the city!  Also purchase it online so it’ll be cheaper but make sure you know where to pick it up! Since Sundays the ticketing offices are closed for some particular tours! I believe only one tour operates on Sunday if I’m not mistaken. So find out when you land in Paris. 

  This is the bridge of Locks where you buy a lock sign it and throw away the key to seal your love forever! #MayForever unfortunately they are boarding the bridge and no longer will we see the love lockdown bridge

French cuisine is one of my favourites! So eating french food all day long was heaven for me! 

 Each meal was fantastic, whether budget meal or 5 star restaurant Paris is the city for dreamers and believers!  It was highly recommended that I eat at Angelina’s 

Everybody told us that if you don’t get a Paris pass online you’ll never be able to see the Eiffel Tower due to the forever long lines! The online passes were sold out so we decided to lineup and after 30mins we got our tickets and in the elevator ! Lucky us!! I even proposed to some random girl in the elevator     



  My advise to traveling solo or with friends , the more the merrier! You can split meals , cabs, and hotel expenses plus photos! So much easier asking your travel buddy to take photos. Plus you’ll enjoy the city so much more!

This is how you walk down a Paris street! Swag x 10 hahahaha ! Mohit said the museum was 5mins away, instead we ended up walking 45mins and still ended up taking the damn bus cause the museum closed by the time we got there!! 

Travel Tip: Also if your traveling use the BPI Airmiles credit card or any BPI credit card ! Lowest foreign conversion when it comes to using your credit card outside the Philippines 1.75% others are 3-3.5% !!